Sacred Archives Digital Preservation Project

Sacred Archives Digital Preservation Project


The Adidam Sacred Archives' digital preservation project is purposed to preserve the record of the life and work of Avatar Adi Da Samraj. The Sacred Archives contains a vast collection of videotape, audiotape, photographic, and handwritten artifacts created by and about Avatar Adi Da. These artifacts are to be preserved in perpetuity as the eternal documentation of the Revelation and Blessing that Avatar Adi Da accomplished on Earth during his lifetime.

This (human) Vehicle of the physical presentation of the Spiritual Master is more important than any such presentation in the past–and will be significant for devotees even after I am no longer physically alive–because of the record of it, because I have appeared in a time when there is all of this technology for the preservation of the record of it.

Those of us who are blessed to serve this preservation project are continually impressed with the immensity of materials that Adi Da Samraj left for all future generations. We are also continually impressed with the potency of Avatar Adi Da's Spiritual Presence that imbues every hand-written page, every frame of video, every utterance on audiotape, and every photographic image of Avatar Adi Da. We are passionate to see that this Sacred Record of Avatar Adi Da’s life and work is preserved for all time and for all beings.


The process of digital preservation has been occurring for a number of years. However, in 2009 the process accelerated in response to a growing sense of urgency inspired by the understanding that there is a short window of time to transfer all the archival artifacts to a digital medium. The original materials themselves deteriorate over time and we must make digital copies before we lose any portion of this most Sacred Record. The process is 60% complete as of 2014, and we estimate that at the current rate of progress the digitizing work should be complete by the end of 2017. Of course, this rate of progress is dependent on continuing and growing support. This support is principally financial, but prayers and other forms of encouragement are always welcome.



We are currently raising funds for our work during 2015. For the project to continue at its current pace, $138,600.00 per year is required. This pays for:

  • Equipment purchases and maintenance
  • Supplies; including backup tapes for multiple backups
  • Specialized software; including purchases, upgrades and maintenance
  • Facility issues like climate control and network infrastructure
  • Staff stipends and training.

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To donate by check from the U.S., please send a check payable to "Adidam Holy Domains" with memo "Adidam Archival Preservation" to:

Adidam Holy Domains
Attn: Fiscal Office
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To donate by check from other countries, please contact the Samrajya Patronage Office.

The Adidam Holy Domains is organized under the laws of California as a non-profit religious corporation and is approved by the United States IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.